We dedicate ourselves to being the leading brokerage and provider of investment advisory services in capital markets in Tanzania and the SADC Region. In all we do, we shall be guided by the following core principles:


Confidential and courteous service

to our clients, founded upon tact and mutual trust. Their prosperity is our prosperity. We encourage them to think big, begin small, begin now.



will guide all our actions: research on macro-economic indicators, research on market performance: all combined with an innovative approach that anticipates and addresses each client´s circumstances. Research bulletins will be availed to clients directly or through our as part of normal service.


Ethics in business

always putting the client´s interests first, adhering to the strictest code of ethical behaviour that emphasizes competitive commissions and value-for-money. We try to avoid conflict-of-interest positions in all we do.



will be sought and actively pursued, to give our clients optimal return on their investment. Diversified portfolios will be tailor-made for each client to suit their individual financial objectives and attitude towards risk.



Vodacom shares for foreign and retail investors


Free Advice!

  • In the stock exchange, things are never necessarily good or bad, they are just different. We will work with you in positioning your investments favourably for the outturn
  • For your core security, invest wisely
  • Think big, begin small, begin now