Arising from the various IPOs – thanks to our I.T. capabilities and robust software - we have compiled extensive databases of institutional investors and individuals of high net worth, disaggregated by Region and portfolio size. From websites, published financial statements and our own research, we have also put together 5-year schedules and rates and charges in money market instruments (BOT auctions´ results, exchange rates, yields, banks´ deposits, advances, and so on).

CORE Securities Limited - leading brokerage and provider of investment advisory servicesFor the stock market, we have historical details of movements in closing price, trading volume and DSE´s market capitalisation since its inception in April 1998. We also entered into a historical database all the published financial statements of listed companies, banks and financial institutions licensed by BoT, plus the pension funds and insurance companies.

We have a complete library of relevant legislation and regulations in the capital markets industry.

These databases are invaluable in research work, design of new products, structuring of IPOs and in client advise. They support our work in the COREDEX indices and in supplying benchmarks fro unit trusts.

We run an interactive website for communicating with clients worldwide. Our office has got a stock of 4 powerful desktop computers - linked via a local area network - for keeping customer records and managing all dealing activities. Senior officers have access to 3 laptops and VDU equipment for MS PowerPoint presentations.